The Florida Avocado is unlike any other. Loaded with flavor and value...their size make you want to say...holy guacomole!

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Avocados, which are indigenous to Central and South America, actually made their way to Asia a few centuries ago and then were brought back to South Florida within the last 200 years by a man by the name of David Fairchild (who was married to someone you might know - Alexander Graham Bell's daughter). Along with 20,000 other plants he truly was the pioneer in the tropical fruit business. If you ever get to south Florida please visit the Kampong, where he lived in the lush groves known today as Coconut Grove.

The Avocado is the biggest commercially grown tropical fruit in South Florida. We have over 8,000 acres of production in the ground with over 30 different varieties. They all don't bloom at once so whatever week you order the fruit there may be a different variety coming in and they all taste a little different some are better then others . No one anywhere in the United States has the diversified production that we have and this will make for a treat for anyone interested in trying our Avocados.

They will come in all different shapes and sizes so don't be surprised when you receive your box and think "whats that?" Their vibrant sheen will make you come back to these beauties time and time again.