Black Sapote

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The Black Sapote is a very interesting tropical fruit. We call it the chocolate pudding fruit. Makes a wonderful ice cream.

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Along with the other sapotes, which to recap are the mamey, the canistel and sapodilla, I am now adding a fourth the Black Sapote. This fruit can only be eaten after its reached a soft mushy state there is no in between. We ship it green but upon arrival let it sit out and let it ripen to a dark colored skin and turns mush this is when its ready not before!

At that point when you cut it open it will be a dark brown consistency and ready to eat. Although we call it the chocolate pudding fruit does not mean it tastes like chocolate pudding but it does have the consistency of it. Its main use is for an ingredient in desserts and that's what its known for. Black sapote ice cream is outstanding and we do sell it locally that way in our farmers markets. So if you want to try something that's way out there you've chosen the right product.