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This fruit creates an ice cream to die for. The Canistel was recently featured on the front page of the Miami Herald as "Yummy Yummy" !

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The Canistell also known as "Eggfruit" is native to Southern Mexico and Belize. Grows well in Southern Florida. The only way to get this fruit is if we ship it to you there are not many trees around. The fruit is in the Sapote family and is sometimes referred to as 'Yellow Sapote'. The edible portion of the fruit is found inside and resembles the texture of a boiled egg and that's where it got its nickname 'Eggfruit". Known for its qualtiys for making custards, icecreams and sorbets.

The fruit is soft and not juicy some people associate the texture with persimmons. It has a sweet taste and is edible raw. The outside of the fruit has a beautiful yellow glossy skin. Very rich in carotene and niacin, they also contain a good shot of ascorbic acid. Scientists and nutritionists both believe this to be a very healthy fruit.