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This tropical treat will not only keep you alive if you're stranded on an island - it will also save you money on cocktail glasses.

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The Coconut is so diverse in its uses its hard to know where to start. Well, this item is more mainstream then some of the other items on my site. Just recently when I went to my post office I saw a lady bringing painted ones there of Florida landscapes and they were putting the postage right on the painted coconut how cool is that. I just gave you guys a business - all you have to do is purchase some Coconuts and put your artistic side to work.

Lets get down to business. The Oil is what makes it nutritious (and its a good oil, not bad), also it is loaded with fiber .

The inside of the Coconut is eaten raw. The older part of the nut is great for making cakes and desserts. A derivative is coconut milk that comes from the squeezing of the coconut with water. Let's not forget the unripe coconut (green or yellow depending on the season when you order) has a wonderful water inside which makes a great drink. Just cut the coconut open, put some ice cubes in there, and you're good to go. Some have been know to throw some other goodies in there as well!