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This could very well be the Kiwi of the future. It is an incredible example of beauty and taste that will delight your senses.

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Also known as the Pitaya in the Southern Americas as well as Asia is quickly become known here in the United States. .South Florida being as close to the equator as you can get seems to be the perfect growing area for this incredible fruit. We have been working on this item for quite a few years and is now making its way from the fancier restaurants to peoples homes. With a growing season from June to late December there is plenty of time to get your hands on this beauty.

High in vitamin C , they are rich in phosphorus and calcium and are free radical fighters known to contain phytoalbumin antioxidants and also have been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. I know for a fact my wife, from Costa Rica, eats them regularly and they for sure help her with stomach ails. There is something to be said about a medicinal way of life.

Best served chilled, I like to make melon balls from them. You eat the flesh and seeds inside skin by cutting the fruit in half first. The flavor is mild and refreshing - a cross between a Kiwi and Watermelon. If you want to kick it up a notch try drizzling my Golden Passion fruit on it for a wow factor! Dragon fruit Martini's are in. Makes a wonderful juice as well. Sorbets and ice cream are being done and Bacardi has even launched a new rum flavor with dragon fruit. the future of the fruit is bright