Exotic Tropical Fruit of the Month Club

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I consider this a CSA because we are the only place besides Hawaii that these special fruits grow. We are as local as you can be.

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The exotic tropical fruit of the month club is very special: our climate is as close to the equator as you can get in the mainline United States. We are the only area south of Palm Beach that most of these items can be grown.

By ordering the fruit of the month club you will be supporting our effort to plant more trees and acquire more land to keep this important project going - and being able to meet the demand of our rapidly growing customer base.

Every month for a year you will receive 5 lbs of fruit and each month will be different. We have different fruit coming out all year. Your order will be shipped at the peak of its time.

Although this schedule is not set in stone, this is more or less what you can expect as a schedule. Depending on the weather some offerings may be swapped:

  • June - Lychee
  • July - Mango
  • August - Longan
  • September - Dragon fruit
  • October - Star fruit
  • November - Papaya
  • December - Passion fruit
  • January - Sapodilla
  • February - Canistell
  • March - Mamey
  • April - Guava
  • May - Thai Banana
  • All pricing includes shipping delivered nationwide.