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Once you have eaten Fresh Heart of Palm they will be no reason to going back to eating it out of a can or jarred. Fresh is best.

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Fresh Hearts of Palm is not going to be in the produce section of any supermarket in the United States simply because its an item way of ahead of its time. I have been supplying the finest restaurants in the United states for 15 years with my Palm product line now I am offering it exclusively through LocalHarvest as an item anyone can get at anytime.

Otherwise known as the main ingredient in the "millionaires salad" (you can Google millionaires salad to find out more about it). It has a flavor all to its own. When steamed it takes on the taste of lobster mixed in with a sweet corn aroma melting in your mouth. Eaten raw it has a crunchy taste and makes a perfect addendum to any fresh cut salad. Its center can be taken out and stuffed and I will be sending recipes along with your order to help you out.

Its health benefits are well known as it is a staple in any supermarket in the United States and can be found in the canned and jarred section but not in the fresh area. High in fiber because you are eating the inside of a tree and loaded with protein there are not that many items that you can market to the vegan market that have a natural source of protein, no cholesterol and has calcium, iron vitamin C and potassium - so you can see this is a dietary dynamo.

So free your self from the can and mushy palm and find out what the real deal is! This quite probably is my signature product