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Some call this the most amazing fruit you will ever eat. I try to be more humble and say it is in my top 5. Well worth a try!

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My first experience with this fruit was in my travels to Costa Rica. My wife being from there, I'm privy to to see how the natives eat. First of all it is common for people to live to over 90 in Costa Rica. Every where I go someone has a great-grandparent - how many of you know of someone with a great grandparent here? It is quite rare.

Costa Rica is a blue country - don't know if you know what a blue country is - but its where we send research biologists in to see to study why people are living so long. A lot has to do with diet, as you may expect. Being this fruit is a staple in the Costa Rican diet, I would assume it has to do something with it.

This fruit goes by many names in many countries, mostly indigenous to the South and Central America and Southeastern Asia. The fruit has a wonderful flavor, sort of a cross between pineapple and strawberry, and a texture a banana and coconut combined. The seeds are not edible - please discard.

My favorite is a juice you can make from it, and is one of the three staple juices of this culture, the other 2 being a juice made from Tamarindo, and the third a juice made from the Cass guava, that is sour which I will be introducing soon. Works well for smoothies, milk shakes, sorbets, candies and flavoring for ice cream.

The most talked about part of this fruit is the research being done on as alternative for cancer treatment it has GRAVIOLA its very interesting but not proven. GOOGLE IT!