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The Jackfruit is the king of the tropical fruits and the largest tree born fruit in the world.

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This fruit is an extraordinary example of what a fruit can become. Born to India over 6000 years ago has been known to feed an entire village with just one fruit.

Truly a showstopper everytime we do food demos this fruit it is the hit of the show. With a taste that is a cross between Mango, Pineapple and Banana with a hint of Vanilla. I believe it may very well be the secret ingredient to Wrigleys juicy fruit gum.

The fruit can be eaten raw by making slices from it. Once sliced you can boil or roast the seeds to make a very healthy snack.The flesh is eaten by removing its pulp like sacks from the surrounding skin. It can be cooked and is a favorite in Thai cuisine. The flavor of this fruit is sweet and strong. A great source of potassium and vitamin C and is also known for having cancer fighting antioxidants as well as a relief for ulcers and indigestion. When you put this fruit on your dining room table you will be sure to turn a few heads.