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Truly a rare treasure in the tropical fruit world. Once only available in Asia are now grown on our Farm for you

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The Longan having originated from the roots of a Taiwanese river dates back many centuries. Though most of us have never heard of a Longan in America it would be hard pressed to find someone from the Far East who hasn't. The flavor and texture is similar to a Lychee but is much sweeter. The Asians have prided this fruit for over 2000 years. It has been known to be used as a tonic to help the skin as well as helping your love life , if you know what I mean.

We have over 200 mature Longan trees on our farm which have taken 10 years to grow to a commercial volume of fruit . Our patience is your reward now you can taste this domestically grown powerhouse filled with large amounts of vitamin A and C. They grow in clusters similar to grapes. They have a very unique smell, pleasant with a hint of woodiness. To eat just squeeze the fruit ever so gently with your finger and the translucent flesh will appear. Pop in your mouth and chew around the pit, then discard the pit. Best eaten fresh but can be cooked and they do keep there flavor. Also can be dried to make a fruit tea. The normal season for this fruit is July through September but we have had fruit all year due to the crazy climate changes we have been going through in South Florida, namely hurricanes. As a Tropical fruit grower this is my personal favorite!