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Fresh Lychees grown in South Florida are considered *the best* and are available for June and July.

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The 2021 Lchee season will start May 20 we are taking pre orders to be first in line.The Lychee is native to China but have been brought to the South Florida to region we call "THE REDLAND" and grow well there. As a grower of this item, all I can tell you is if you have not tried a lychee now is the time! Sweet with a slight hint of tartness makes a tasty tropical treat. Just pull the skin back and pull off, will reveal a translucent fleshed fruit. Eat around the pit. The sweet smell when you open the box will amaze you.

Thai cooks also stuff them with savory flavorings. They can be frozen and eaten at a later time also. On our farm we have 30 year old trees that are around 40 feet tall. As well as some newer trees we recently planted. In total we have around 225 trees. Anytime you are in South Florida and are heading to the keys we are the exit just before the entrance way to the keys feel free to stop to see the trees. They are something to see