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When the Mamey was first introduced from Cuba people use to actually beat each other up just to get this fruit in their hand.

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The off season Mamey which we are now in will be more expensive just during the off season. It 's a true story. The Mamey has a taste and flavor of a fruit unlike anything on the planet Earth. Sought after by the Cuban population of Miami this tropical beauty has a texture on the inside that is a cross of creamy and sweet. On the outside the texture is between sandpaper and the fuzziness of a peach. Can be eaten when soft. When cut in half what is revealed is a vibrant salmon colored flesh.

The taste would be a mix of sweet potato with pumpkin and top it off with Maraschino Cherry with an Almond twist. The Cubans have been making shakes, smoothies and ice creams from this for as long as we can tell here in Miami. The fruit is a good source of vitamin A and has a good shot of potassium in it. Don't forget if your ever passing by to the Florida Keys, please stop by the farm we have some beautiful specimens of these trees.