Store Fruits Monstera

For sure the fruitiest and most flavorful of tropical fruits a cross of vanilla and pineapple flavor truly unique and tasty.

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The Monstera is actually the fruit of one of our plants we use for outdoor decorative landscape, so I would say this plant If you have visited Florida, I'm sure you have seen it. What you might not have seen is the fruit that is hidden below its massive leaves. Phallic in stature, the Monstera has to be picked at its perfect point.

At that time we ship it and you will notice when you open the box the outside layer will start to unravel if it has not yet unraveled, please leave out and wait for the unraveling. As it unravels an incredible next layer will appear and this is what you eat. Either by simply running your finger across it like a corn on the cob with butter and licking up the delicious remnants on your fingers. This is a real treat and hope you enjoy it!