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When you taste this Papaya there will be no other place you will want to purchase these - absolutely the best flavor!

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Loaded with vitamin A and C, and with a host of medicinal qualities, this fruit superpower is probably one of the most consumed tropical fruits in the world: and for a reason. Go to any Central and South American country and visit a village, and you will see 5 generations of people - ask them if Papaya is staple in their diet and I would bet the farm that the answer to the question is yes.

The variety we carry is known as Red Lady and is rarely seen in any supermarket or mass distribution outlet. The flavor is sweet but mild and does not have the smell that gives papaya a bad name. Unique to South Florida there are only a handful of people growing this variety.

The outside of the fruit is green slowing turning to yellow or orange. The inside contains a lot of seed which you take out (but you can eat them). Eaten mostly raw its nice to squeeze some fresh lime on to add a nice citrus twist. Makes a great fruit salad when added to pineapple, mango and oranges. Drizzle some of my golden passion fruit and use it like you would on a green salad with the seed of the passion fruit and you will have a tropical masterpiece.