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You've had the white flesh, now its time to kick up a notch. The pink flesh is where its at if you like pink things - that is, I do.

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We can start with The Men's Health Journal: I believe last year or the year before naming the Pink Guava as on its list for the top ten fruits that men should be eating but they are not. Researchers are finding out that this is a very good prostate cancer fighter and we know how this is good news for men. I will be making copies of this article and it will go out in my orders for Pink Guava to put people in the know on this.

With an ORAC value of 1670 (antioxidant value), this fruit is very high in fiber and total vitamin C, making it my nominee for antioxidant number 1 in the tropical fruit world. As many of you have gotten our brochure on the antioxidant studies that were done at the University of Florida you will notice this fruit on top in that study for tropical fruit. This is the fruit used for pastry for all the famous spanish pastilitos and that being said of course it make wonderful jellies and jams.

There will be gaps in the year when we won't have this fruit, but keep your eyes out and it will be back before you know it. Making jellies and jams in the United States came long before grape jelly - we used to grow it hundreds of years ago and ship it by boat to Europe for a hefty price. In the land I farm in back then this is how they made a living. Over and out - Farmer Bob