Possum Purple Passion Fruit

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The fragrance of Cotton Candy with an Orange squeezed on top. This variety is the staple passion fruit grown in South Florida !!!!

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This Passion Fruit not only looks good it also has the taste to back it up. As opposed to the golden variety this one allows the bees to do all the work. With the golden I have to hand pollinate every flower. There are weeks we spend days on end just hand pollinating.

Spanish missionaries were responsible for naming passion fruit they claimed there flowers were symbolic of Christ with the three central stigmas representing the three nails, the feathery corona the crown of thorns and the five anthers the five wounds.

This variety wrinkles more gracefully - that's why its the commercial variety grown in the United States the chain stores can leave it on a shelf for a month and it still looks good. So if your looking for a great tasting fruit that has not been sitting on a shelf for a month you don't need to look any further you found it.