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Related to the lychee. The Indonesian word for Rambutan is hairy. It is widely known for being on the super foods list.

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Highly regarded as a super fruit for this impressive list nutrients:

Serving size 100g

energy-343 kj (82 kcal) carbs-20.87 dietary fiber 0.9 fat-.21 protein-0.65 water-78.04 g vitamin 3 IU beta carotene-2 u.g thamine-(vit B1 0.013 1 percent riboflavin- (vit B2 0.022 1 percent niacin -(vit B3) 1.352 9 percent pantothenic- acid B5 0.018 mg vitamin B6- 0.020 mg 2 percent folate - (vit B9 ) 8 ug vitamin c - 4.9 mg percent calcium- 22 mg 2 percent iron- 0.35 mg 3 percent magnesium- 7mg 2 percent manganese-0.343 mg 17 percent phosphorus-9 mg 1 percent potassium- 42 mg 1 percent sodium-10.9 mg

Need I say more?

Wow, I think I've found the holy grail of fruit. I'm gonna start eating this on a daily basis - this has everything in it. Being a grower, I know how important vitamins are to grow anything. All the same things your body needs we need to grow fruit. I take a lot of my leftover sample fruit from my tours and put it around my tropical trees and its amazing how you can build a natural compost pile around a tree.

This fruit is indigenous to Southeast Asia and South and Central America. We do grow them in Hawaii as which has a climate similar to Southern Florida. Great for making Jams and Jellies or canning.