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If your looking for something really different this should be your choice. Tastes like a Pear dipped in brown sugar - delicious!

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The Sapodilla, also known as Saps, is another member of the Sapote family. Shipped firm will slowly ripen similar to the Mamey. They have a stunning texture inside. An outrageous light brown color that gives off a "just want eat this" kind of feeling.

The outside of the fruit has a sand papery type skin similar to the Mamey. To eat just cut in half and remove the seed. I like to cut the fruit away from the skin and eat it just like a Melon. The taste of this fruit is extremely full flavored and very sweet. The bark of the tree is very interesting it has a white gummy latex called chicle which is a natural form of chewing gum. Saps contain high amounts of saponin. Enjoy this tropical treat as we have been for many years here in South Florida.