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Star Apples are an item you want to put on your wish list. We just can't grow enough of them! How do you spell delicious?

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Native to Central America and the West Indies this fruit is a relatively unknown fruit in North America. King Christopher of Haiti 's favorite fruit is also called "Caimito "and is known in other parts of the world by that name. With a latex texture on the outside both the skin and the rind are not edible. However, the pulp in the center is, and reveals a star pattern when cut in half, hence its name.

The fruit is round and can get up to the size of a baseball. There are two types, one being purple in color the other being a green-brownish color. Both sweet and fragrant serve as wonderful dessert served chilled. The leaves being golden in color on the bottom side have known to help with Diabetes and Rheumatism. This fruit has another name the "Golden leaf tree" because of these medicinal qualities. To eat just cut the fruit in half and it will magically reveal its star.

Eat the white portion around the skin and discard all seed and rind material. Some people eat the purple part closest to the skin but we always tease them not to eat that because it will glue your mouth shut. I guess this fruit would work well if you want to keep someone from talking to much. There are far to many vitamins in this fruit to list. Just another example of why eating tropical fruit is a great source of getting all the natural vitamins you need.