Why not squeeze some fresh sugar cane and mix it with lime? People have been enjoying this treat for thousands of years...8-10 canes per 5 lbs.

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I think we all have been programed to think sugar has always been something that just magically appeared on a supermarket shelf. But there has to be one key ingredient that gave it its name - that would be the sugarcane.

Why not buy the cane and see what you can do with it. Well I'm not advising going into the sugar manufacturing business, but you can experience the pleasure of unadulterated sugar by simply cutting the stalk and pulling the vein like fibers out and chewing on them (careful not to swallow though). You can also make a juice if you have a machine to squeeze it, sort of like squeezing the water out of clothes the old fashioned way. When I go to Costa Rica they make a wonderful fresh juice out of it that way and mix lime with it. Outstanding - you feel like a million bucks after you have one of those!