Sweet White Starfruit

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Be the star at your next party. The sweetest carambola you will ever eat . Ready for the Barbque sliced thick!

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Also known in Spanish as Carambola, this fruit has been a wowing people for quite some time with its delicate balance of tartness verses sweet. The variety we grow on our farm is " Fwang Tung" which has a wonderful sweet taste and smell. You will be pleasantly surprised with this variety. We have over 232 of these trees on our grove.

Similar to an apple you can eat the skin and all. If you cut the fruit into a cross section it will reveal a five pointed star. It has a few small seeds which can be removed. If you dare try taking the seeds and growing the fruit as this tree can be grown from seed and will produce fruit. You do need to be in a subtropical growing area but try it in your living room for fun.

You can dehydrate the fruit to be eaten in the future. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and A. It's known to cure a hangover or two to help you get over your Presidential party.