When I'm in Costa Rica there are three staple drinks they make from fresh fruits and this fruit is one of them. For a reason. Tasty

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There are far too many uses for this fruit to describe here, but I will give you a few ideas. In the short description I spoke of juice - that is the only way I have had it myself, cold and sweetened, mixed with some water on ice. It has been known to be eaten out of hand when the fruit is fully ripe. Unripe in the Bahamas, they cook it over coals till the skin bursts and its hot pulp dipped in wood ashes.

It is an ingredient in Worcestershire sauces and barbecue sauces. The seeds can be roasted, soaked removing the seedcoat the fried or boiled. High in protein, potassium and vitamin A, this is a treat that will take you back to Africa where it originated from.