Thai Banana

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This is not a Banana that you will find in any grocery store in the United States - as far as I know. I could be wrong - but in any case, we got em.

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This banana is unlike any banana that you will ever eat. First of all its much better then what your buying at a grocery store. It does not go through a ripening room like most bananas that come through the United States - right there you're killing the taste. You know mother nature, she doesn't like you forcing her.

These bananas need to be eaten when the skin goes to a dark color - that's when they are ready and probably why you don't see them on stores shelves - because they know nobody would buy black bananas. They are shipped green, then they go yellow, but are best eaten dark in color there last stage.

These bananas are starchy and sweet. I serve them sliced like a quarter (the coin that is). They are the ones you get in the real Thai restaurants served as fried bananas. One of the best bananas I've ever eaten, and I'm sure you ll agree. Also known as the Namwa banana. So go bananas for my Thai bananas.